Coronavirus and Homeschooling

And just like that, we are all homeschooling. I reached out to some moms I know who already were homeschooling their children before the coronavirus and asked for words of encouragement to the moms who are suddenly homeschooling due to the shutdown of schools. I hope their words encourage you.

“May my teaching drop as the rain, my speech distill as the dew, like gentle rain upon the tender grass, and like showers upon the herb.” – Deuteronomy 32:2

“Homeschooling doesn’t have to look like public school. Please don’t let the teaching part stress you out. Let them read good books. and do Educational things online. When you’re feeling brave let them in the kitchen. If I’ve learned anything as a homeschool teacher, they seem to learn things everyday even when they don’t open a teaching kind of book….. “

“Have fun with your kids. My kids love it, when I get excited about their work. Its so good to be involved in this area of their life. I remember loving it when my mom was the school teacher. Also use this time to free up schedules, and go exploring in the great outdoors.”

“To moms who are looking for ideas of what to do with their children, I’d suggest reading novels aloud to your children.  Historical fiction books are especially great.  There are lots of study guides for novels available online to purchase, or I’m sure you can google and find some free study guides.  The study guides usually include reading comprehension questions and vocabulary words.  You can also have students summarize in a few sentences what each chapter was about.  You can do an art project to go along with the story.  Have your child copy a few lines out of the book, to practice their handwriting.  If you do this, you’ve covered the topics of history, reading, writing, art, and handwriting!  My daughter is in 6th grade and I still read aloud to her every day.  We’d probably both say it is our favorite part of homeschooling!”

Here is a link to a large homeschooling website, filled with ideas and help, specifically those who are suddenly homeschooling due to shutdowns.

“Two of my favorite study guide companies are Progeny Press and Christian Novel Studies.  These companies take books that aren’t necessarily Christian in nature, but ask questions that make kids think.  Such as–as a Christian, what would a better approach to this situation have been?  Or, they have kids look up scripture to see what God says about certain subjects.  I think both companies have downloadable study guides you can purchase.  If you look online, they tell you which books are recommended for which ages. You might have to get creative in finding the books to read, though, since libraries are closed!  Maybe, moms can find a kindle version of the book online. 

Some of my favorite books

  • The Bronze Bow (ultimate favorite!)— study guide
  • God King (2nd favorite!)—have s.g.
  • The Golden Goblet—have s.g.
  • The Door in the Wall—have s.g.
  • Otto of the Silver Hand—have s.g.
  • The Apple and the Arrow—have s.g.
  • Adam of the Road—have s.g.
  • Ink on His Fingers—have s.g.
  • Streams to the River, River to the Sea—have s.g.
  • The Witch of Blackbird Pond
  • Amos Fortune Free Man
  • Carry on Mr. Bowditch
  • Johnny Tremain
  • I, Juan de Paraja—have s.g.
  • Star of Light
  • The Westing Game (a quirky kind of mystery)—have s.g.
  • And of course, the Chronicles of Narnia books!    have the s.g. for the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
  • I also own a few Trailblazer Books and have the Study Guide for “The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee” (the story of Nate Saint and Jim and Elizabeth Elliot as missionaries to the Auca Indidans)”

“Read! Play online games and activites. Perfect time to work onlife skills. Kids are sponges, they’re learning! It doesn’t have to look like public school. Relax!”

“I know schedules are best. Lists always worked well for our children. They did so much better with a list of things that needed to be completed rather than hearing jobs keep coming. I would say same applies with school.”

Ok, so for me, one goal I have for myself is to try to just laugh over the craziness rather then getting super frustrated, which is really easy for me to do when I have 6 kiddos coming at me all needing me at the same time. This situation (of coronavirus shut down) is a time of learning and stretching for me as a mom, but I want it to be worth it. I want to see the spirit of joy still here within me because I have the help of the Holy Spirit living within me. So here we go moms, it’s like Christmas holiday plus some. It’s our time to shine bright and make this a good memory for our kids, and us. Don’t forget to laugh despite it all. And to help with that, I’ve attached a little video. Enjoy!

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