Coronavirus has us going to the chickens…

kids with chickens

Read to the end for links to some really cute chicken themed story books.

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We had already been home from school for a week due to the coronavirus. Monday March 23 started with a new week along with a new school and work schedule. My time needed to be focused on helping my 4th and 6th grade students get the homework done that was assigned by the school. This left my four youngest ones to the charge of my husband who was out back working on a new sliding board addition. The children decided life would be better if they could play with the small flock of silkie chickens that we own.

Out they marched to the chicken pen. Soon they returned with arms full of chickens they managed to get them inside the safety of the fence. Oh the joy. It was declared so loudly that it brought me outside to see for myself.

If you ever are interested in getting kid friendly chickens, silkies are the way to go. They are docile and friendly, which makes them easy for little ones to pick up.

holding chickens
toddler with chickens

They had so much fun holding the chickens as they went down the sliding board and walked around the yard. My one son even had one of the chickens on his shoulder for a while. The chickens seemed to really enjoy the attention as well as the change of scenery.

silkie chickens

After about an hour of playing happily with their new friends, the children put the chickens away. But seeings how no other friends will be coming to play until who knows when, I’m sure these fluffy playmates will be back to play soon.

While we are on the coronavirus quarantine we’ve been doing lots of outside play and reading books. To keep with the theme, here are some of our favorite chicken story books. We hope you and your little chicken lovers will enjoy them too!

Minerva Louiseis a silly but happy chicken. Her stories showcase her mistakenly assuming objects are something that they are not. Like a flower pot of flowers is a comfy chair. It will have your children giggling and you will be endeared to the silly little hen.

Daisy Comes Home is a chicken book written and drawn by one of my favorite childhood authors, Jan Brett. Her drawings are incredible. This story takes place in China and is about a chicken who gets picked on by the other chickens. But one day she gets lost down the river, when she finally gets home, she has learned how to no longer be afraid of the other hens.

Just as a side note, if you go to this website it’s all about Jan Brett. There are coloring pages, activities, “how to draw” videos and more. Perfect for kids who need something to do during the coronavirus shutdown.

Rosie’s Walkis another delightful read. You follow Rosie on her walk through the barnyard all the while she is being stalked by a fox. Thankfully she makes it home safely and the fox is sent on the run by a swarm of bees.

And a list of chicken books would be complete without introducing you to this hilarious series of farm animals books by John Himmelman, Chickens to the Rescue (Barnyard Rescue). The book follows members of the Greenstalk family, in which they run into some sort of problem. The very next page shows “chickens to the rescue!” They joyfully “help” solve the problem. It will leave you all laughing.

Happy Reading Friends!

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