Apparently, my heart stopped during the surgery. It was a very surreal feeling. I have thought often of it. The thing that I’m left with is this, I’m not afraid to die.

Part One. Dramatic headline, I know, but it’s a true. Long story short, I ended up having my uterus removed, otherwise known as a hysterectomy. If you have been following my blog you might remember this post, the one where I discovered I was anemic. That post ends with me getting two iron infusions and […]

This journey, of infertility, has wrecked me and redeemed me. I never expected this to by my life. I never expected being a mom to six kids, in a ten year time span, to be God’s will for my life. But he so gently wove this story together.

Adelaide is extra special because she is the first grand-baby to both sets of grandparents. She has eagerly been prayed for and desired. Welcome to the world sweet girl!

Coronavirus Impact Pricing is what I’m calling it. . . Consider it my gift to all you amazing friends and families who still desire to capture authentic loving photos of you and your spouse, children or newborns.

I was faced with having to fight a little inward battle. It was a beautifully warm spring day. I wanted to go for a run. But I knew my leggings under my running shorts would make me so hot. The question came to me, am I willing to go out there for everyone to see me, covered in red splotches?

The point of this post is to give a quick history, for those who might be traveling this same road of psoriasis. As well as answer the most common questions I get about my psoriasis.

We decided to make a time capsule. What better way to capture this time of our lives then to photograph the children with items that have become a new normal of our life during this coronavirus season. We are not mocking the seriousness of this virus, but rather it is our way of documenting this historical event.

Huge sale on these adorable clothes. Links provided in blog.

Seeings how no other friends will be coming to play until who knows when, I’m sure these fluffy playmates will be back to play soon.






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