Time for the yearly update of the kids’ headshots.

Lifestyle baby session. Photos of mom and dad snuggling baby and loving on each other at the same time feels so important to me.

Baby details are always important to document. Never again will those fingers and toes be so tiny.

In-home family photo session. 4 different locations, one home. All done within 60 minutes. A fun, relaxed family photo shoot.

Lifestyle sessions are perfect for kids because along with the sitting still photos, we also do lots of movement!

1. Traditional Group Photo. This means a photo of everyone in the group looking at the camera. This is usually the first photo of the session because I know that it’s important plus all the kids are still willing to stand still. I do head swaps if I need to, but try my best to […]

Dreamy glowing flower field session in Lititz.

We took 5 of our 6 children and did a fast paced vacation to the Ark and the Creation Museum. We live in Lancaster Pa area so it was a long drive and 72 hours later we were back home!

I started foster care with a belief that birth parents don’t love their children. Let me tell you, that is not true! Even though mistakes have been made, these parents do love their children. Love on birth parents, you might be the only Jesus they ever see.

The covid 19 restrictions are being lifted which means you can start scheduling your photo sessions! I’m offering what I call, rapid-fire mini sessions. These sessions will take place at golden hour, the evening hours before dusk, when the light is soft and beautiful. My son took these photos of us last night, just so […]






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