Pack a cute sweater/robe/top (Neutral colors are best!) Bring your favorite baby swaddle ( hat for a boy/headband for a girl) Clear the clutter from your hospital room (food trays, cups, etc) Make your bed/fix covers so they are straight Open the window blinds

5 tips on preparing for an in-home session.

Sexual abuse happens, it is a real thing. Abuse happens at school, on the bus, at church, at a friend’s house, even in our own homes. So lets talk real, no beating around the bush.

So a quick post for you, full of links to good books worth reading!

Hiring a professional newborn or family photographer is expensive. There are multiple reasons why, but today I just want to touch on one aspect of what you are investing your money in. When you think about hiring Christi Stoner Photography, you are investing in more then just your photos, You are investing in an EXPERIENCE. […]

I love offering lifestyle photos of moms and their kids looking at each other and enjoying one another. I’ve decided that it’s got to be the moms that I do this for. That is my passion!

The rebranding reveal is here along with a photo session discount to celebrate the business updates!






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