Apparently, my heart stopped during the surgery. It was a very surreal feeling. I have thought often of it. The thing that I’m left with is this, I’m not afraid to die.

Part One. Dramatic headline, I know, but it’s a true. Long story short, I ended up having my uterus removed, otherwise known as a hysterectomy. If you have been following my blog you might remember this post, the one where I discovered I was anemic. That post ends with me getting two iron infusions and […]

This journey, of infertility, has wrecked me and redeemed me. I never expected this to by my life. I never expected being a mom to six kids, in a ten year time span, to be God’s will for my life. But he so gently wove this story together.

Five years ago my life was about to change forever and I was oblivious. Feb. 12, 2014 came and went and meant nothing to me. Today we are thankful. We now have a reason to celebrate on Feb. 12






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