5 tips on how to prepare for an in-home session

5 Tips on How to Prepare for an In-Home Session

  1. Tidy Up
  2. Pull out the white or neutral colored bedding
  3. Know your lighting situation
  4. Prep your kids
  5. Buy a plant
  1. Tidy Up: Mainly you want to focus on your floor and all table top areas, dressers, night stands, coffee table, etc. If it feels a little overwhelming to purposefully decorate those table top areas then err on the side of minimalist and push everything into a box and deal with it later. Yes, I’ve done that myself!
  2. Pull out the white or neutral colored bedding: White or neutral bedding is a beautiful reflectant on the faces of baby and children who are laying on the bed. No matter what color, the bedding will reflect it’s color onto the skin, which is why white is a perfect bedding choice.
  3. Know your lighting situation: As the photographer it is my job to understand and use light well. But educating my clients before hand helps them with their expectations. If you want photos in the nursery but you only have a very small window, it’s best to know ahead of time that those photos will be difficult to achieve the dreamy creamy look. Also being aware that if you have a large room that only half is covered in light, we won’t be able to take photos back in the shadows. Yes, I can work some “magic” on my side of the camera. But as a general rule, we always stick close to the windows.
  4. Prep your kids: Make sure they are rested and fed. I come with games, tricks, and flexibility. But if a child is ready for a nap 20 minutes BEFORE I arrived, or if they are hangry… it pretty much doesn’t matter what I try, the session will not go well.
  5. Buy a plant: I know it might sound silly but just do it! For $5-$15 you can buy a pretty great plant. Check out your local home depot for some budget friendly options. Live plants add life and dimension to a photo. They also are really fun to shoot thru and use as layering.

See more in home sessions here. Thanks for your interest in Christi Stoner Photography.






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